Uncommon leaders…
…generate uncommon results

How many of your managers really lead?

How many of them are able to lead others to generate a significant improvement in results?

Have you invested in leadership development programmes and not seen improved performance?

Your managers can probably all take 10% out of the costs of the business – albeit with grumbles and moaning – but, do they have the capacity to add 10% to the top line of the business?

Leadership is often seen as a right of managers when they rise to a certain level of management in the organisation (they start doing programmes called ‘leadership development’, rather than ‘management development’). It is, in this day and age, perceived as a good thing to be a leader – we should all be leaders – but without any idea of what that means in reality. The danger with this is that ‘leadership’ becomes more about ego and hierarchical positions, than about the performance of your organisation.

Leadership development, we believe is a strategic intervention to increase your organisation’s, department’s, or team’s results. It could be that you are changing strategic direction and it requires more from your leaders, or it could simply be that you realise that your team, department, organisation, or even yourself could step up and perform at a higher level, and that this would improve results.

True leadership, in our view, is a commitment to do, build, create, or change something in the world. It entails a commitment to creating different results in the world. How many of your leaders are able to exercise this type of leadership? In our experience this form of leadership is all too rare.

Why is this so uncommon? Well this form of leadership, which entails a commitment to creating something different in the world, involves risk. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to do this?”, and others ask, “Who do you think you are to do this?” It involves sticking your head above the parapet of organisational life and being willing to take what comes with that.

What organisations tell us is that they need leaders who are able to do this. They want leaders who can collaborate with each other, partner with customers, innovate, navigate ambiguity, respond well to change, and instil confidence in the wider organisation. They need their leaders to be able to do all of this, in order to deliver increased results.

Uncommon leaders is a consulting firm which does this – we develop leaders who are able to generate uncommon results in their organisations.

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