Integrity is important to us, and is a concept which we use with our clients. To us, it is not a value in the traditional sense; rather it is how we are able to be effective.

Here’s what it means to us:
1.     Fulfilling commitments rigorously.
2.     Our work expresses our values.
3.     Our work is in line with our purpose.

Fulfilling commitments

We will do what we promise and deliver at the agreed time. We’ll clean things up with you, if we get it wrong.

Our values

Our values are the way in which we contribute value to our clients.

Honesty – we’ll tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it.

Support – we’ll support you, although bear in mind that sometime the best way to support someone can be to challenge them.

Commitment to your results – we will be committed to you achieving the results you are trying to achieve. There are certain industries and organisations where we are not committed – arms and tobacco – and so we do not work with these organisations.

Adding value – we will not do work which does not add value and increase performance in your organisation.

Our purpose

We are committed to the development of human potential in organisations.

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