Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action is a programme of development created and run by Strozzi Institute, consisting of two workshops and coaching. Uncommon Leaders is Partnering with Strozzi Institute to bring this programme to Europe, and it will be delivered by Strozzi Institute and Pete Hamill, founder of Uncommon Leaders. The programme is designed to take your leadership to the next level, and to enable you to continue developing yourself independently. It comprises a Level 1 programme of 4 days, a level 2 programme of 5 days and a package of 6, 1-hour, coaching sessions with a Strozzi Institute certified Somatic Coach.

This programme is also the basis of the somatic coaching certification programme run by Strozzi Institute, which is designed to enable coaches to bring the somatic dimension into their coaching practice (more information on what this includes for coaches is included below).

In an ideal world, we recommend that people complete this programme within a year, however we also realise that this may not be logistically possible for many people, so we try and be as flexible as possible in our approach. Many people also gain great value through just taking the level 1 programme, independently.

What it delivers

Do you want to move through difficult situations quicker and with more ease? Is there something about yourself you want to change, and don’t think it is possible? In Leadership in Action, you will identify and clarify your commitment to your future and learn the leadership skills necessary to effectively achieve your visions and goals, both professionally and personally.

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader, whether that is in your working life or career, at home, or in your community. Developing a centered presence – a centered, grounded way of being – will give you the ability to act and respond effectively and appropriately in the widest variety of situations.

Working with others to achieve your vision and goals, you will explore how you historically act under stress or pressure and learn to shift unwanted, automatic responses. You will be able to successfully coordinate with others to produce powerful results, by practicing your observation skills and taking into account the whole person. You will add the skills of managing capacity, making effective requests and declines, insisting and quitting.

The practices you will learn are coordinated around language, emotion, and action; and include making declarations, giving and receiving feedback, and responding to the needs and concerns of others without losing what is important to you. You will begin to embody the virtues of authenticity, integrity, accountability, confidence and a centered presence.

Leadership Mastery

For those in our Leadership course of study, the Leadership in Action course lays the foundation of principles and practices taught and used through Strozzi Institute for use in the world of business. This course is for executives, directors, managers, and emerging and seasoned leaders, and business owners.

Learning includes:

  • Your leadership style, strengths, and limitations while practicing and developing a leadership presence
  • The ability to act and respond effectively and appropriately in the widest variety of situations
  • The ability to be relaxed and focused will enable you to act in a more decisive and grounded way
  • Practices to keep yourself in action and to collaborate with others to achieve your goals.
  • To deliver and receive assessments to further your goals and ambitions and to further the goals and ambitions of your family, friends, peers, and the team members in your professional work
  • To blend with the needs and concerns of others and at the same time not lose what is important to you.
  • The ability to take a stand is essential for us to achieve our goals.
  • To embody the leadership virtues of authenticity, integrity, accountability, confidence, and a centered presence.

In this video Pete Hamill, author of Embodied Leadership, speaks about these programmes for leadership development.

Somatic Coaching Mastery

For those in the Somatic Coaching certification program, this is a foundational requirement to learn the theory and practices of Strozzi Institute’s methodology for coaching. Most of the practices presented will be practices you will be learning to offer your clients. At the same time, you will be in the practices yourself as a way to learn and reshape yourself. We offer several opportunities to step away from your own participation to increase your learning of the use of the work. All the promises of the Leadership track and the Personal Transformation track will apply to how you personally will be affected by this course.

Learning Includes:

  • All the topics above
  • Basic and foundational somatic practices
  • Somatic coaching process
  • Somatic assessment methods and practices
  • Foundations of SI somatic principles
  • Somatic practices to use with your clients

In this video Pete Hamill, author of Embodied Leadership, speaks about these programmes for coaches who want to bring somatics into their coaching practice.


For more information on the Strozzi Institute Somatic coaching programme click here.

Somatic Coaching package

strozzi-somatics-logo-smallThe basis of this approach to leadership development is the idea of practice – repeated practice over time. After the Level 1 and 2 programmes there will be some practices that will have changed for you, and some changes which will take no further effort. However there will be some that require more practices and in the busyness of life and work this can often feel like a challenge – remembering to do these new practices, bringing our willpower forward to be able to do something different in this situation, doing it when it feels like we’re really busy and just don’t have the time, etc.

Working with a Strozzi Institute certified somatic coach over 6 sessions, connected to the programmes, will ensure that you build all of the practices which you want to adopt into your life and work, in such a way that you will cultivate your leadership effectively. It allows you to take the work of the programmes and go deeper, in a one-on-one conversation with a trained somatic coach, and it ensures that you take the most learning from the programmes and apply it back in your work and life.

The somatic coaching package is strongly recommended for anyone pursuing this course of study, and is a required part of the somatic coach training programme, where it takes the form of both somatic coaching and supervision.

Dates and Cost

You can choose either a complete package of both programmes and coaching (the most cost effective option), or individual elements. Registered Charities get a 25% discount on all prices.

Leadership in Action 1: £1,700 + VAT

  • 16-19 September 2014 (inclusive)

Leadership in Action 2: £2,300 + VAT

  • 2-6 March 2015 (inclusive)

Somatic Coaching Package: £1,200 + VAT

  • Dates to be arranged between coach and coachee.

Complete package, paid in full: £4,800 + VAT.


If you have already completed the programme and wish to take it for a second time, you are entitled to a 50% discount. Get in contact with us to arrange this.

NB Prices do not include accommodation during the programme.


The Level 1 programme takes place at Warren House, near Richmond – see http://www.warrenhouse.com for further information on the venue.


Click through for more information on Strozzi Institute and their work.

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